One week ago, I was skiing in some of the finest powder of the season. Today, I landed in the 4th city on my Tour de Hospitals a la Central America.

First stop was Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the morning after riots broke out and hundreds of tear gas bombs were shot into hostile crowds of angry teachers. I was immediately reassured by Gustov, my taxi driver, that there would not be rioting during my stay as the local police had already used up their supply of tear gas and there was no more money to purchase more. Crisis one, averted!

My next flight landed me in La Ceiba, Honduras, a small “pueblo” populated with peaceful people, which presented me with an even greater challenge…FOOD. I stayed at Palma Real “resort”. My taxi driver, Darlon, assured me it was the finest resort in all of La Ceiba. Bravo to the photographer and web designer for this local. The reality was 1/16th the quality publicized.

I began a two-day impromptu fast.

The food was not even close to edible. Thank goodness, the sound of crashing waves was louder than my grumbling tummy!

San Pedro Sula, Honduras was my third stop. A night at the Intercontinental Real was just what I needed. Fantastic customer service and a buffet that made me want to dance. The reports of non- violent protest throughout this city were front-page news in the national paper the day of my arrival. Once again, I saw none of it. I was, however, entertained by the volume and variety of inflatable pools and floaties being sold at major intersections throughout the city.

This morning, I arrived in Belize City; a melting pot of Caribbean, Latin culture and the only English speaking country in Latin America. Even the drive from the city was a feast for the eyes. Thick green vegetation, dotted with colorful tropical blooms. What a lovely place to recharge my laptop for the night!