It’s time to lighten our luggage load. An easy place to start? Your Toiletry Bag!

TOILETRY SIZE  3-1-1 is the new golden rule of travel. It has been adopted internationally and continues to be followed around the world. Very simply, pack only 3 ounce containers of liquids or gels, in a 1 quart size, clear plastic zip top bag, holding the 3 ounce or smaller containers, and only 1 zip top bag per person.  To clarify, if you have a half used, 6 ounce
tube of toothpaste, it WILL BE CONFISCATED. The rule is based upon the size of the container, not the perceived
quantity of product remaining in your container.

LIQUIDS TIP: When it comes to colognes and perfumes, I spray my blouses and shirts while I’m packing.  This
way I don’t have to be concerned with breaking my perfume bottle or the size of the bottle.

FABRICS THAT DON’T WRINKLE: There are now a whole host of travel-friendly fabrics on the market to choose from.  Look for tags that tout “wrinkle free, travelers twill, no iron and microfibers”  These materials generally perform much as
their labels state, will hold their form well, and will keep you looking dapper your whole trip through.

PACKING TIP: Rolling clothes in plastic dry cleaning bags takes up less space and reduces wrinkles. Toss in a dryer sheet to keep everything smelling fresh and clean, even in the most humid climates.   Choose a basic color scheme and let your shoes rule. Wear the bulkiest shoes to the airport and pack a thinner, lighter shoe.   Utilize the space inside the shoe to pack chargers, cables, socks, or snacks.

Be certain that all items in your suitcase work together so you will have more flexibility and variety in your wardrobe while on the road.

STYLE TIP: For additional style and versatility, pack along a few accessories. Ties, hats, scarves, or a bold jewelry set can really change the look of an outfit and add splash of color as well.

Part of the adventure and allure of travel is bringing back a souvenir. If you follow my tips from above, you may actually have room to fit in some new discoveries from your journey!

SHOPPING TIP: I have been known to stumble across a “must have” treasure from time to time. Rather than busting the zipper on the seam of my suitcase,  I always pack a folded nylon/zippered top bag and check my luggage on the way home.  I then pack my dirty clothes and items I could live without for a few days, (just in case) so that I can hand carry my new found treasure .  My personal philosophy abroad…”when in Rome, buy leather shoes”.

Gone are the days of over- packing and taking along your entire closet “just in case”. By reducing the bulk and unnecessary items in your suitcase, you will gain greater mobility, travel flexibility and you may never need to cross your fingers and hope that your bags don’t get lost again!  Safe Travels!!