Our Bedside to Bedside Services

When you need a nurse to accompany you home, you’ll be in good hands with Rescue Nurse International. We coordinate all the details of your flight home. Our Nurses will not leave the Patient until they are at home or at their destination hospital resting comfortably. We give new meaning to bedside to bedside service!

We Handle All The Details

From picking up your loved one to assuring their acceptance on the plane, our comprehensive patient screening process ensures each patient is given the appropriate level of care required. Rescue Nurse takes the initiative to provide for all circumstances including oxygen capabilities on board. We pre-book wheelchairs and assure access in the most challenging settings. Specific aircraft and seats are selected to provide the greatest level of comfort to our Patients. Our Patients receive additional privacy with access to the business class lounge whenever possible.

Our Quotes Are Itemized For You

Rescue Nurse International is transparent in practice so there are no hidden costs in our commercial medical transports. Our inclusive quotes detail:

  • Airline ticket cost (with routing options if needed)
  • Rescue Nurse fees
  • Oxygen fees
  • Ground transportation fees
  • Lodging and meals

Our Fees, Experienced Nurses at Great Value

When deciding between flying with our Nurses on commercial airlines or choosing a private jet or air ambulance service, consider the savings:

Rescue Nurse Int’l Traditional Air Ambulance
From India to Denver $22,000 $150—$180,000
From New Zealand to Utah $23,000 $140—$160,000
From New York to California $8,500 $40,100