Nurse Escort Procedure

Learn About Our Process

We work closely with Case managers, Insurance companies, Worldwide assistance companies, and Patient’s families to return Patients to their homes as quickly as possible. Our Four Step Process covers every detail, meaning the inclusive quote you receive is exactly what you pay for.

Step One: Request for Transport

Once a request for a Quote is submitted, we will contact you within 30 minutes to gather as much information as possible about the Patient’s status and needs.

Step Two: Patient Health Assessment

During a conversation with Case Managers or Family Members, Rescue Nurse International will determine the level of care and equipment required for a comfortable journey home. We also contact the treating medical team, facility staff, and family members to accurately determine the level of care and Patient’s options for transport.

Step Three: Making All Necessary Arrangements

Once Rescue Nurse International has all the facts and authorization to act on the Patient’s behalf, we will use our contacts within the commercial airlines industry to quickly secure flights, VISAS, lodging and necessary ground transportation.

Step Four: Accompanying a Patient Home

Throughout the trip home, our U.S. licensed and registered Nurses will be by the Patient’s side. Constant updates with family and the receiving hospital keeps everyone in the loop on the Patient’s status. Our Nurses will not leave the Patient until they are at home or at their destination hospital resting comfortably.