The Safest Way to Bring Your Family Member Home

Our Network of Nurses stands ready at a moment’s notice to accompany your family member on a commercial airline flight home and begin their recovery. No one expects to become ill or sustain an injury while away from home. Sadly, it happens more often than you think.

Rescue Nurse International has years of
experience flying around the world to escort patients home for a full recovery. A fraction of the cost of an air ambulance, we rely on commercial airline flights
and our medical clearances
to provide each patient with
the care and medical
attention required while
traveling home.

If you cannot travel with your loved one and bring them home safely or simply need additional support, trust our compassionate and experienced Nurses to provide the care that’s needed. Complete our red online Quote form and we
will respond to your request within 30 minutes with an inclusive Quote tailored to your needs. Rely on the safety of commercial medical escorts.