Motion Sickness

Travelers by air very rarely suffer from motion sickness. Travelers susceptible to motion sickness should request a seat over the wings and/or a window seat. If necessary, medication may be taken to prevent motion sickness.


  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating and increased salivation
  • Malaise or generally feeling bad

Self Care Treatment:

  • Boat:  keep eyes fixed upon the horizon or land.
  • Car:  sit in the front seat and look out the window.  Do not read or look down.
  • Taking Ginger by mouth has been reported to assist in the improvement of motion sickness.  1-2 grams of Ginger may help decrease gastric motility and, therefore, decrease nausea.

Medication Treatment:

  • Antihistamines:  such as Aller-Chlor, Dramamine,  Benadryl or Antivert
  • Anticholinergics:  Scopolamine
  • Antidopaminergics:  Phenergan, Reglan (WARNING: can cause drowsiness or dyskinesias)
  • Antiemetics:  Zofran, Compazine