FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my loved one or client is able to fly on a commercial airline?

Call us or submit an online Quote request. Provide as much information about the patient’s condition as possible. Our medical department will review the patient’s medical report and with input from the treating Physician will determine if this method of travel is suitable and safe for the patient.

Once the patient has been determined fit to fly do I need to make the travel arrangements?

No. We will make all travel arrangements including securing airline tickets for the patient and a companion, medical clearances, oxygen requirements, hotels and any necessary ground transportation. Our itemized Transport Quotes will include every detail and the fees associated with each item.

What should I do if the patient is not fit to travel on a commercial airline?

If our Medical Director and treating Physician determine that the patient cannot travel by commercial airline, we will refer you to a reputable air ambulance company based on the patients’ geographic location and medical needs.

If I already have a confirmed itinerary will I lose my tickets?

We will make every effort to arrange the trip around your existing itinerary. However, in some cases other carriers may be more convenient for the patient’s comfort and well being. Call us at 888-777-3065 to discuss what itinerary option is best for the patient.

What is included in your quote?

Our quote is all inclusive, and will outline everything from Nursing fees to ground transportation. Submit a request for an online Quote and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes. Or, you may call us at 888-777-3065 and we will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost.

Where will the patient meet the nurse?

Our services are considered “Bedside to Bedside”. That means our nurse will meet with you at your current location (hospital, hotel, etc.) generally 24 hours before the flight. She or he will also accompany you to your final destination.

How do I choose between commercial airline transport and a private air ambulance?

If the patient can sit up for take off and landing, we will assist with the boarding process, utilizing specially designed wheel chairs to fit up narrow airplane isles or other methods for transporting and assisting based upon the patients particular limitations.

How much international experience does your team have?

Our Nurses and Coordinators have traveled the world extensively, lived and worked abroad and have first-hand knowledge of the differences in standards of medical care. Our Nurses hold the required Visas necessary to enter and exit restrictive countries and know how best to navigate foreign airports and medical clearances.

Do you have Physicians on staff?

Yes. Our Medical Director, Richard Linksy, MD, FACEP is an experienced, multi-lingual Emergency Medicine Physician with specialty training in tactical emergency medicine and emergency preparedness.